Meniscus operation 2000

On the way to the Ops

Faintly smiling as I know what's gonna happen to my knee in the next hours I submit to my fate.

My private driver

Carefully my female chauffeur takes me down to the room where I'll be laying for a bit of time

Preparation procedures

The OP site is neatly being prepared for the oncoming meniscus operation, helping hands so swiftly acting, the eye amlost loses track of the fast movements of the aidee.

Dr. Gisler working in concentration

Who is pulling my leg ? Get this thing out of my knee ! But then again, if I don't let this job be done I can't go skiing, biking, jogging, hanggliding anymore ...

Watching TV ?

No sports today, but a channel that's not broadcasting in any language. Only alien pictures, one after another ...

Gigers alien

Slowly the monster is grinding its way through flesh and bone. Human voices trail off into distance. Ain't nobody helping him ?

Birth of a new generation

Nope, wrong. This not taken out of a maternity OPs. 
It's simply the inner truth of what's beneath every humans thigh ... so to speak.

Staff chatting

'Have you heard the news ? Someone took a camera into the OPs ! Let's see if we can get a look at these pics, maybe we're on it too !'